Since the seventies we are making shoes from only the finest materials. Our shoes may undoubtedly be called ‘green shoes’. All shoes from Loints of Holland are produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way, and are created with respect for nature. In most shoe models no lining is used, which saves leather and glue! The tanneries with whom Loints of Holland work do not use Benzidine or PCP in any of their processes and have extensive water treatment plants. Naturally, we control where products come from and what is done with the waste.

The environment is back on the global agenda!
At Loints of Holland we have been making shoes which are durable with less environment damaging. The figured out models use less (lining-) leathers, glue and energy.
Contributing to a better environment can be done on different levels:
1. Every year hundreds of millions of shoes are being thrown away globally. Shoes of better quality and durability make these ”wastemountains” smaller. One way in which Loints of Holland brand helps reduce this problem of global waste is to manufacture products that offer repairing and resoling. This feature allows your shoes to be worn even longer! Extra lifetime extending tip: Maintain your shoes properly and wear them every other day.
2. How environmentally friendly are various footwear manufactures? Are they taking steps to help reduce global pollution? At Loints of Holland, we can proudly say ”yes”, we do! The origin of the raw materials is a very important item: are these manufacturers working in a clean way? How do they treat their waste? Loints of Holland works with suppliers from Western-Europe who are guided by strict European Laws. Our tanneries do not use Benzedrine and pcp`s and have extensive water-clearing installations. For years now, the manufacturers of our PU-outsoles do not use freon.
3. Most Loint’s designs are simple and unlined: this saves glues, lining leather and labor, thus energy. Unnecessary and artificial materials are left out. And let`s not forget The Human Factor: Loints of Holland are comfortable and therefore you wear them longer and with joy!

Please join us, in our quest for better and wiser footwear manufacturing and branding…. we go the extra step to put healthy, green and cool shoes on your feet.

Download our Eco Policy here. To find out more out about our tannery, click here!

Making Loints still means a lot of manual labour and involvement. An average Loints shoe has 200 productionactions! Our shoes are very individual and not made by automised/robot machines, but by people!

In 1918 Mr. Cornelus Klijsen starts as an independent shoemaker in his shed behind his house.

His son Mr. Hendrikus Klijsen (second generation) made the step producing a collection in series and rebuild the shed into a small factory. After the second world war the sales grew and he specialized himself in ladies comfort shoes, also semi-orthopedic.

Gradually Kees and Jan Klijsen (third generation), took over the company. They  started combining this knowledge with simple and pure design. Since the ‘70s our shoes are made from only the finest materials. Our shoes may undoubtedly be called ‘green shoes’. All shoes still are produced in our own factory in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. They are created with respect for nature. In most shoe models no lining is used, which saves leather, glue and labour! The tanneries with whom we work do not use Benzidine or PCP in any of their processes and have extensive water treatment plants. Naturally we check the background of each part (product) we use and what is done with the waste during the production of these parts.

In 1986 we first presented our ”Turbo’s”. Still a very important group in our collection today. They are unique and timeless.

In the ’90s Erik Klijsen, son of Jan Klijsen en Vincent Kriek, son in law of Kees Klijsen took over the company. This was the start of what we are today, a company with exports to over 20 countries.

To maintain your shoes please read the following tips or ask your retailer.
All shoes with a greased nubuck or waxed leathern upper side you maintain by cleaning with a dry or damp cloth. When they are clean and dry, polish them with a neutral wax or grease.

Shoes made of nubuck you can also clean with a dry or damp cloth. To remove stains there is a special nubuck eraser. When they are clean and dry, brush them with a special wire brush to revive the crushed fibers. Now you can use a nubuck spray cleaner which impregnates (colourless or in the colour of the nubuck). It makes the shoes dirt repellent and maintains them.

Wear your Loints of Holland Shoes every other day so the leather can rest and the transpiration can evaporate (approx. 20-40 ml per day).

Partly due to environmental regulations and the natural characteristics of the material, intense colours of nubuck leather shoes and dyed leather linings may come off or stain when getting in contact with the heat and moisture of your feet. This is not a quality problem.  We advise you to treat the shoes with Colour-Stop.

Dear Loints friend,

This year marks Loints of Holland 100th year birthday, of which we are very proud.
What started as a small shoe factory, founded in 1918 by Mr. C. Klijsen, and later has become the brand “Loints of Holland”. Over the years we have made many beautiful models and we have improved the quality and durability of our shoes. We also keep on improving our impact on ecology and sustainability.
Loints works with the finest materials made in Europe and we produce all our shoes in our own factory, so we have control over the quality of our products. To celebrate this with you we have made some exclusive specials, which are available exclusively through our dealers.

loints of holland sustainable green shoes

Art for your feet

Ecology is not a hype at the LOINTS OF HOLLAND company. Already since the seventies we have been developing unique shoes with clean and simple designs. These designs use less leather, glue and other materials. The materials we use are made in Europe by the best manufactures who strive to make the best and cleanest product possible.

Comfortable shoes that last longer.

Our design has a direct influence on the environmental impact.

Good grip and are recyclable.


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