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Here you can see our very carefully selected brands that we represent in Scandinavia. Our brands are unique and have high quality and comfort.
The brands are well established for many years. One of our brands, Loints of Holland celebrates 100 years this year.
Down below you can click on a shoe and read more about the brand.


We believe that the world is a unique place, and want to support the environmental sustainability. Our brands have high quality products, from careful selection of raw material. Comfort and quality is very important, like sustainability. We represent the nordic countries and have all kind of retailers selling our brands in the clothing, shoe and furnishing stores.

We help our resellers develop in their digital channels to increase sales. We know how important it is to be seen in social media, and to have the right material to succeed. The retailers who represent any of our brands will have access to our knowledge in online trading and social media. We can also offer those retailers who are not yet online to establish themselves with their own website, to start selling online.


When comfort meets fashion

When comfort meet fashion in a sustainable way. Anatomic collection with removable insoles, made in Europe.

loints logo

Sustainable comfort shoes

Founded in 1918. Since the seventies we are making shoes from only the finest materials. Our shoes may undoubtedly be called ‘green shoes’. All shoes from Loints of Holland are produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way, and are created with respect for nature.

grünbein shoes

Classic with retro attitudes

The urban Grünbein style compromises modern classics with stylish retro attitudes and a high brande recognition. Comfort in the finest leather.

glerups shoes

100% pure Wool

Known for their exceptional comfort. This is due to the foot-shaped and unique design combined with the softness and warmth of the wool.



If you think It seems interesting and you want us to represent your brand in Scandinavia. Or if you as a retailer want to represent any of our brands in your store, please feel free to contact us.

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